EDM Singer & Songwriter
Natalie Orlie is already well known to all house and Trance lovers. Her own-written tracks "My Smile" and "Every Morning" have received extensive airplay not only on the dance floors and radio waves in Ukraine but beyond.

Her songs can be heard on Ukrainian radio stations DJFM, NRJ, MFM, Europa Plus, Kiss FM. She has entered into the Top-5 of the best English-speaking singers of Ukraine.

The former opera singer has firmly established herself in Dance Music both as a writer and a performer of exciting hits. After much work with local producers, the Kiev-based vocalist has successfully collaborated with a number of European artists, which in turn has promoted her entry onto the international music scene. Now she collaborates with the western producers, releases joint works and finishes the debut album which will release on a label of the singer "NatalieOrlieMusic".